Tips of Refinishing Hardwood Floor

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Hardwood floor refinishing involves giving your floor a great look by sanding and adding oil based poly casing to make it shiny. This process is tricky and you will need to be careful and have to know how to refinish hardwood flooring and how long to refinish floors. You can also save yourself the stress and leave that to flooring companies. However, if you ought to do it by yourself, these are the steps.

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Steps to Refinish Hardwood

Step 1 – Select Sanding Equipment

The better the sanding equipment, the simple the job will be. It is recommended that you choose the orbital random sander. It works fine compared to the drum sander. In addition to this, it requires less experience to operate so you will do a good job with it if-if you don’t know how to refinish hardwood.

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Step 2 – Take Precautions

Since you will be working with equipment that may hurt you, it is recommended that you be vigilant. The sanding process produces a lot of dust and noise. You should, therefore, wear mask and earplugs. Make sure also that you protect your eyes and hands, wear sunglasses and hand gloves. When you are applying the oil-based polyurethane, you should wear the recommend vapor respirators.

Step 3 – Don’t Forget the Corners

Corners are the most forgotten areas when doing floor refinish. You should make sure that you don’t forget and these areas. The random sander may not be fit to all the corners or vital places, therefore you can use hand scrapers to sand these places. This includes looking into the edges and joints that may not be accessible to the sender.

Step 4 – Be Consistent

It is recommended that you don’t get too aggressive when sanding the hardwood floor. You should maintain a certain consistency and avoid using grits coarser than 60. This will help you to keep the floor level and to avoid damaging it. To make this easy, you should sand as if you are mowing the lawn.

Step 5 – Wipeout Dust

Once you are done sanding it is now the time to get rid of all the dust on the floor. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get this job done. Once you have removed the dust, you can do another round of sanding to make sure that the floor is even. Vacuum the floor again to prepare for the next step.

Step 6 – Apply Stain Evenly

This is yet another tricky step that you should perform carefully on how to refinish hardwood. You should use a small cloth or applier to do the work making sure that your take small portion at a time. Remove all the excess stain with a cloth to make a clean and even floor. It is recommended that you use a thin coat of stain compared to using a thick layer that may compromise the end results.

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Try to use a certain pattern in applying the stain so that you can have uniformity. You should not apply the stain at random because this might not turn out to be appealing. This will also make you achieve uninterrupted and smooth strokes. When you follow these steps will, you will have a beautiful looking hardwood refinish that will be appealing to you and to everyone else.

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